Cartoon Me - Create A Cartoon Me Avatar Face With Ease!

By Carmeline Calvistacro

Drawing a cartoon me avatar face is very challenging even for the most talented artists. You can literally spend hours drawing one cartoon face and making it look like a real person. Choosing what you want to draw has a great impact on the quality and accuracy of your drawing.

When you are a little kid, using magic markers and a box of crayola crayons are your tools. If you do ever progress beyond that you will start to use art pencils. If you want to become a great artist all it takes is thousands of hours and years of persistence and practice.

If you think drawing a cartoon me avatar face is easy, boy are you in for a big surprise. This is actually one of the most difficult things to draw. You just have to be extremely patient and persistent enough to keep going if you want to make a living.

If you are good at using paint, you can actually try drawing a cartoon me avatar face. However, you are bound to make a mess and also risk all of the colors blending together too much.

Drawing with a colored pencil creates sharper and more detailed images than with crayons. You do not need to spend a lot of money on colored pencils because they are literally a dime a dozen sometimes.

Some people like to try and draw a cartoon me avatar on the sidewalk with chalk. This is a good way for others to see your artwork. However if it rains you will lose all of your work.

I have even seen artists draw on walls with spray paint. However, this is not recommended because it may be illegal. This is called street art and is popular in inner cities.

The best place to learn how to draw a cartoon me avatar face is in an art school. You can also take classes at the local community college. These classes are inexpensive and have convenient class times. - 31407

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Let Wonder Woman Fly Across Your Personal Bank Checks

By Alan Plastin

Many little girls wanted to be Wonder Woman when they were growing up. These days, she is still a force to be reckoned with in the superhero realm, charming both men and women. If you are searching for a way to liven up your personal bank checks, and you're a fan of this lovely lady, then you might want to think about getting Wonder Woman checks. It's not as difficult as you might think, and the checks might even be cheaper than the plain ones that you already carry.

Wonder Woman first came onto the scene in December, 1941. Aside from a small pause in 1986, she is one of 3 DC Comics superheroes that have been constantly published since 1944. Wonder Woman is a member of the Amazons, an all-female tribe based on the Amazons of Greek mythology. She was developed to be a feminine role model that was intended to bring sexual equality, love, and peace to people around the world.

A few of Wonder Woman's skills are fighting powers, super strength, and stamina. She is also very adept at hand to hand combat fighting and is able to talk to animals. She also uses her Lasso of Truth in order to force people to tell the truth and can fly unaided.

Wonder Woman has appeared in a variety of media including her own television series, cartoons, and comic strips. She has also been on an assortment of merchandise that includes everything from underclothing to lunch boxes and coffee mugs. Nowadays, you can also get her image on your personal bank checks, too.

Wonder Woman not only spread the message of love, but was a very liberated woman and a feminist for her time. In fact, Gloria Steinem even put her image on the first standalone copy of Ms. Magazine. Wonder Woman was tall, athletic, and intelligent and represented those women that contained unconventional thoughts during the time period that she emerged. For that reason, she was more than just a comic book character.

In the dazzling and dynamic Wonder Woman personal bank checks, you can virtually feel her soaring through the air. The checks have 4 rotating designs which means that each check will be different from the last one. You can also get a corresponding checkbook cover and matching address labels to complement your Wonder Woman checks.

It used to be costly and time-consuming to go to your bank and buy personal checks. In addition, they usually had a small selection. Now, though, you can purchase your personal bank checks online at secure websites and save as much as 50% off of what your bank might have charged you. You will also have a large selection of checks to pick from so you won't have to settle for something you're not that fond of. Make sure you have your routing number and checking account number nearby when you purchase your Wonder Woman checks and they should get to you in about 5 days or so. - 31407

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Draw a Cartoon Me Face Avatar

By Carmeline Calvistacro

I always wanted to be able to draw a cartoon me face from a photograph. One of the reasons it is tricky to draw a cartoon me face is that it takes years of practice. I can trace and draw simple cartoons, but to draw a cartoon from just taking a look at a photograph is a lot more difficult

Some people have an artistic gift and are very patient when they draw a cartoon by looking at photos and their cartoons are not too funny. With me, my drawings look more like cartoons even if it is not intentional.

Crayons are the best tool to use when drawing cartoons. Make sure you use alot of color and bright shades to capture peoples attention and imagination. When I draw a cartoon me face of my family members they think it is hilarious and we post them on the fridge.

My drawings have become more detailed as I grew up, but it is still very difficult for me to draw a cartoon me face avatar of someone in a short period of time. Sometimes I will spend hours drawing someone's ears and mouth and if I can't complete it I just leave it unfinished.

There are so many things you can do to make the face look like it is alive. I'd spend a couple of hours drawing eyes and it took far longer when I drew women. One of my favorite features to draw on a cartoon me face is the beard. Beards and mustaches are fun to draw and truly help to improve someones facial features.

If you need to learn how to draw a cartoon me face you should consider taking an art class. These classes will teach you step-by-step ways to make your drawings look more real and lifelike.

Look at art classes at your local community college if you want to to improve your drawing skills. If you want a shortcut to draw a cartoon me face all you have to do is find the right computer download program that does most of the hard work for you. There are several different products that draw cartoons and most are free.

Cartoon hobbyists know that cartoon drawing uses a lot of precious time but can be very rewarding. If you can just look at a photo and draw a cartoon me face quickly without much effort you are considered very skilled in the art world.

Giving a cartoon me face drawing to someone as a present is a a great gag gift you can give that they will actually keep and maybe even post on their refrigerator. You will be able to draw cartoon me avatars of all of your family and friends after just a few hours of practice. - 31407

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Japan's Anime Craze

By Wayne Torres

Anime is a popular cartoon animation from Japan. Since 1980s, they have boomed the global market and been enjoyed by many people of different ages and country bases. Anime has a real big market since then. Once known as Japanimation, the history of anime can be traced back from the early of 20th century when Japanese started to learn techniques of anime drawing just like the western people did. Now we can find animes almost anywhere throughout the world, in bookstores, book clubs, and Internet sites. There are some facts that contribute to the popularity of animes.

Part of the draw that anime possesses is the fact that they can target wide ranges of viewers. This is due to the fact that animes are not confined to one category, but run the entire gamut of genres, including action, sci-fi, drama, romance, horror, and yes, even erotica.

The fact that anime is created mainly by ideas make it possible to land everything a human's brain can think of. Unlike real movies which needs months to years of preparation, shooting, and finishing, a masterpiece of animes can be created in a relatively short period of time. With some helps of technology, anime creators can create their wildest desires for you to enjoy.

It is not all about drawing the anime yourself, in fact. New features in CGI animators have made ideas-to-screen transmit easier and more efficient. Even the wildest mind can be made real on the screen.

Unlike the usual cartoon, anime has something more to say. There are comprehensive storylines as well as good character development so that viewers do not just see piece per piece of the character's life. The feature of character-based flashback can play back a character's past stories to represent their current personality or act.

If you enjoy drama movies, try drama animes. They usually also comprise humor, meaningful learning, as well as other worthy attributes in a package, so forget about the boring drama.

Needless to say, not all animes are just cartoons for kids. In fact, the majority of animes feature violence, sexual innuendos, and language that may not be suitable for children. This is likely a major reason why anime's popularity has exploded across the world.

With animes, cartoons are no longer just for kids, and even adults can find themes of romance and drama that they might otherwise find only in real-life television shows. The unique blend of animated characters with more mature themes is undoubtedly an enticing combination for adult-viewers.

Now that you know the basics of anime and its history, it is time to find the right animes for you. Pick a genre, read up on reviews and summaries of shows that you are interested in, and enjoy. - 31407

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How to Get Kids to Do Their Math Homework!

By Matthew Smith

As I was watching the news the other day they flashed a statistic on the screen that was extremely shocking. It stated that 66% of kids in American grade 8 classes were not able to do the required math. Not 5%, or 10%, but 66%. How in the world could this be the case? Our kids spend years in school by the time they reach grade 8, and to have such a high percentage of kids with low math scores is, well, shocking. Enter math comic strips to the rescue?

As we enter this brave new world of a global economy, our kids are going to need to have all the education they can obtain in order to compete for jobs with all those highly educated kids from other countries. I saw on television a while ago where tutors in South Korea were treated like "rock stars". Why is this? It's simply because in South Korea they realize that tutors are there to help educate their that will eventually help them get those great jobs of the future. Is this what we do in the United States? I'll let the laughter subside before I continue...

In the "good ole' days" (if that is what you want to call them), if children wanted to have fun they could play games, play sports, or read books. Then came along the challenging new world in which we live today. A world of cable television with more shows to watch than anyone could possibly have time for. Welcome to the world of instant on-demand movies and 24-hour online gaming. Where does homework and schoolwork fall into this equation? Simply, most of the time homework doesn't make the list.

In this world of constant distraction, the key is to make this homework fun. We need to make the experience of learning exciting and fun if it is ever to compete with everything else that is vying for a child's time. How do we do this? Ah, enter the world of the comic book! Comic books have been around for generations, but often they are used for entertainment not to teach kids useful skills like math. This doesn't mean that comics can't be adjusted to meet this lofty goal in the future.

The web site " math comic strips " proposes a solution to the problem. The key is developing a line of comic books with a superhero theme. In reality, this guy is a mere mortal, but he is able to solve some fantastic problems and crimes via his extraordinary math skills. Now how did he come across this stunning math ability? He did his homework, that's how. The hope and desire is that kids of all ages will be inspired to follow his example... - 31407

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